Telecom Technical College Gives Back to Help Others Find New Careers

//Telecom Technical College Gives Back to Help Others Find New Careers

Telecom Technical College Gives Back to Help Others Find New Careers

As a career college, we have a special obligation to actively participate in our community, especially helping those who are seeking new careers or career training and guidance, such as veterans or those previously incarcerated. TelTech College has recently been given the opportunity to give back and help others find new careers, and we’re honored to be given this opportunity.

On May 3rd, Kathy Gill, Founder and School Director of TelTech College, will go to the Lewis Federal Prison in Tucson and meet Governor Doug Ducey, who is actively pushing an initiative to get parolees into jobs.  Governor Doug Ducey, the Arizona Department of Economic Security, and the Arizona Department of Corrections released a video highlighting the Offender, an employment initiative managed through a strategic partnership between the Department of Economic Security and the Department of Corrections to provide inmates with post-release employment services. This is in addition to another visit she is doing April 28th at the Manzanita prison in Tucson.

TelTech was recently successful in getting a parolee a job recently, and Kathy wrote a letter to Governor Ducey about the challenges the parolee faced when trying to get funds released in a timely matter to pay for education. Now she has an opportunity to meet with him in person and further discuss the importance of job training and education for parolees, and discuss how TelTech College can play a role.

Several companies in Arizona already actively employ parolees, including AT&T who actively employs ex-felons. Other companies include Sears, Cintas and Discount Cab. While hiring policies vary by company based on type of conviction and length of time since release, this overall trend for companies to be more felon-friendly is a positive one, and TelTech College is proud to have the opportunity to open doors to individuals who are seeking career training in order to obtain gainful employment.

We’re proud to be a part of this effort and will keep our readers posted on this effort. If you know a veteran or someone who was previously incarcerated, and is now seeking assistance with career training, please share our website with them!  There are also several websites that list job opportunities for felons. Together we can invest in Arizona’s future and help others find new careers.

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