Is a Career as a Tower Technician Right for You?

//Is a Career as a Tower Technician Right for You?

Is a Career as a Tower Technician Right for You?

As interest in Telecom Technical College grows, so do questions regarding careers in the field. What exactly is a tower technician, also known as a tower climber?  What does it entail? What kind of training will I need? At TelTech, we’re trained to help guide people into careers by providing them all the information needed to make an informed decision. Is a career as a tower technician right for you?  Let’s take a look at the industry, the job, and the skills needed.

What is a tower climber?

Very simply, a tower climber is a technician who performs maintenance and repair on radio masts and towers. They climb up a cell tower, which can be 500 feet or higher, and do maintenance on cellular phone towers, changing out transmission lines, fixing lighting systems, feed lines or antennas. Sometimes the maintenance is more routine, like changing out a bulb.

What are some of the job requirements to be a tower technician?

While it varies by the company and the job, typical job requirements may include the ability to climb to heights in excess of 200 feet on a daily basis, working year-round, and working in most weather conditions. Remember, many of these jobs are working on cell towers, and cell service is a critical need that doesn’t take a day off!  Other requirements may include basic tower rigging, familiarity in OSHA requirements, and RF knowledge. Job can vary widely for tower technicians, but the basic fundamentals needed to be a tower climber are consistent and training is critical.

Is certification required for this job?

As more and more employers understand the need for their tower technicians to be highly trained on the fundamentals such as climber safety, rigging, OSHA standards and RF fundamentals, the desire to hire those with certification in the field is on the rise. The background and experience required heavily depends on the company. Many companies don’t even bother with non-experienced tower climbers, while others will look at a combination of experience and training. Training and certifications are some of the most crucial aspects of being a tower climber. Knowing how to properly use your safety equipment and what to do in the event of an emergency can be the difference between life and death, or at the very least can prevent injuries and potential citations for the company. Getting your certifications before being hired is a great step to take because it shows initiative and a commitment to working in the industry. TelTech’s Telecommunications Tower Technician certification is one strong option for this kind of training.

What’s a typical tower climber job like?

While it depends on the company, there are a few consistent features of a tower climber job. First, you need to be comfortable climbing heights as that is what your job requires. Second, the job may take you all over the city, state, or country; where there are telecommunications towers, there is a need for tower technicians. Depending on the job, you may be climbing up the face of telecommunications towers to remove, install, test, maintain, and repair a variety of equipment—from antennas to light bulbs, but you may also build shelters and radio frequency shields for electronic equipment, lay coaxial and fiber optic cables, and remove pests and weeds that can hinder tower performance. Sometimes, you may be setting supports and stack construction pieces to build the tower itself. Your job as a tower climber can vary greatly day to day.

Is a career as a tower technician right for you?  Find out by contacting TelTech College to learn more about their tower technician certification course. Speak with a professional who knows the tower safety industry and can guide you into a career that’s right for you.

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