Caring Pays for Itself and It’s FREE

//Caring Pays for Itself and It’s FREE

Caring Pays for Itself and It’s FREE

Caring is inexpensive and a company that puts in the extra effort gets rewarded. Studies have shown that greater the stress distractions, the less empathic people tend to behave. Caring pays for itself. According to Daniel Goleman, author of Social Intelligence, “Self-absorption in all its forms kills empathy, let alone compassion. The more attentive we are to others, the more keenly we will sense their inner state and pick up on subtle cues.”.  The more a supervisor or someone at work cares about the employee as a person, the more likely they will stay with an organization, engage with customers and be productive.  Imagine how productivity would look like if workers trusted their co-workers and companies cared about them.  At TelTech we know blame and punishment are destructive behaviors and we have the potential to help influence students and employers by understanding how training generates employee loyalty, assists with safe and at-risk behavior, not to mention that caring makes us more human and it’s free!

caring pays for itselfTelTech’s way of caring –we are the only wireless training facility in the United States that actively helps the employer by finding ways to offset educational costs with taxpayer monies. We also help the student by finding gainful employment, offering scholarships, and available grant monies, no matter what your background is.  One of our best success stories involved a student who served 5 years in prison and went on to be a wireless construction owner! He was one of several people with a record whom we were able to train, help and see their life turned around. TelTech has spent many years trying to make this opportunity work and help both the employer and employee with success.

We offer more than education; TelTech College is making a difference in people’s lives.

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