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Media Coverage 2017-08-21T05:34:26+00:00  One thing Kathy Gill was sure about when she entered the Arizona State Prison Lewis Complex 40 miles outside of Phoenix in western Maricopa County is she would find an attentive audience.  Her potential job trainees would like nothing better than to shrug off their orange jump suits and get a taste of freedom even if it meant being in a harness and clipped to a tower a few hundred feet in the air.  She also had assistance from a man who’s climbed a ladder or two himself, the Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey.  From the Governor’s viewpoint, he was saving the taxpayers of his state money by initiating a program, the Lewis Sunrise Employment Program, that helped these inmates transition back into society. Not only does housing prisoners, many of them there as drug offenders, many of them veterans, cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars a year but the rate of the population has grown by 14 per cent over the past decade.Last Monday, the prison held a job fair for inmates and many companies participated who were willing to look past a non-starter of a resume that featured a felony conviction and offer them a chance to change their future.  Gill, representing her tower instruction and safety training company, Telecom Technical was among them.

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